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We provide end to end support with Information Technology & Telecom Services to help you better...

Telecom Support

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Digital Marketing

SMS Marketing
SMS marketing is the act of sending a commercial or transaction messages, typically to a group of people, using email.

SMS is a simple marketing tool that can be used for reaching all our clients in one click of send button, to aware them about new products and offers. By integrating with websites we can assure more security by sending OTP and acknowledgement of the performed activity by a customer

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SMS Marketing

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Social Media Marketing
Social marketing is the use of marketing theory, skills and practices to achieve social change.

More than three billion people in the world are active on the Internet. Get a vast reach for your brand through social media platforms.. Be live all the time and reach those people who needs you..

Starting at your budget

Social Media Marketing

One of the most simple and powerful marketing tool of modern era...

Telecom Support
We provide all the Technical supports and Resources to make your operations easier..

Does your firm needs support for the Installation & Commissioning of Telecom Equipment? We deliver high quality services as per the standards and Corporate needs.

full fledged resources for

Technical Support

Provides Complete Telecom Infrastructure and Equipment Installation & Commissioning.

IT Solutions
Custom made Software for the smooth operations for your business..

Our coding experts can develop a custom made software specially for your business as per your needs. Also our ERP is an end to end solution for daily business activities fromsmall scale to large scale business.

Starting at ₹ 25000


Sell your products through your website & Get your payments online

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Web & Web Applications

Teltron web solutions provide web designing services at customer budget. Our designers will do end to end support and they can make a attractive and professional website for you. All the web applications and E-Commerce solutions can easily be easily create with us.

Electronics & Embedded Solutions

We are designing the advanced circuits for the customer as per their requirements. Our electronic products are making a revolution in the market now a days.

Software Solutions

We are making custom software for our customers as per their requirements. We are also providing general billing and accounting software for all the small scale and  large scale business.

Telecom Solutions

Teltron provides technical telecom solutions in Kerala for Microwave, GSM, RF etc.

Hardware & Networking

Teltron is an A to Z IT solutions. We are not only providing software but also all the hardware is provided by Teltron. So our customer can easily get all the IT requirements from as including hardware, networking, CCTV etc.

Mobile Applications

Teltron develops mobile applications for Android and I OS. If you are required a mobile applications don't hesitate to contact us. We have a permanent solutions for your problem


Looking for Digital Marketing Solutions??

We helps to reach your products and services to the public.  Digital Marketing is the modern and powerful tool for advertising. Through Digital marketing, get potential customers for your product at your own budget.


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Evolution & Growth

Concept of skill and mastery

With the highly productive team we are assuring the best product and service for our customers. We are highly responsible to our customers to complete the work on time.

With the support of our customers we are moving fast with the technology in this fast forwarding world.

Customer Satisfaction

Our Clients

Planing The Project

The basic and first thing is planning a project. Our engineers will discuss with our client to get the idea in the mind of our client. After getting the ideas from our client our team will analyse the possibility and execution part. Our team will add more ideas and suggestions for making the project more useful. 

Idea Generating

After the planning of project we have to generate all the possible to execute that project. Rather than theoretical analysis  we have to execute things practically. After making to executable level getting approval from the customer and initiate project. Calculating all the parameters such as time requirement, work analysis, cost analysis etc done in this step.

Realizing the Concept

Concept given by the customer and our execution concept should be same and the when the project became a product. Completing the project timely is a tough task some time. Complexity can be reduced and executing the concept simply for our clients. Then only a client can be satisfied.

Fine-tuning the Product

After a project becomes a product testing is required to find the errors and bugs in the products. The client should be satisfied with our product, if the bugs are generated continuously in each and every steps he will become irritated and that may affects our credibility. So fine testing is done before handover the product to customer.

Marketing & Social Media

After making the product really tough task is marketing. We are doing all  types of marketing such as direct marketing, Digital media marketing etc. All the marketing has its own role in leading product to customers. But the most effective and important tool with less cost is social media marketing.

Satisfied Customer

We think that business is a service, profit will generate automatically. That is our aim is not to business only for making profit. That's why we are highly committed to our customers.

By providing the best service till now we are success for making all most all our customers satisfied.

Planning the project
Idea Generating
Testing and Updating
Satisfied Customer

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